Written by Moliere and translated by Ranjit Bolt

 The Brentwood Theatre on March 25/26/27, 2010

 Directed by Marjorie Dunn.

 You can read a critique of the production on Michael Gray’s arts blog:


The 2010 Brentwood Theatre Awards

We have received a number of nominations associated with this production:

The Hutton Players has been nominated in the category BEST PRODUCTION OF A PLAY for “Tartuffe”.

 Glenda Abbott has been nominated in the category “BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A PLAY OR MUSICAL” for her role in “Tartuffe”.

Alan Ablewhite and Robert Bastian have each been nominated in the category “BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A PLAY” for their roles in “Tartuffe.


The cast and crew:

Madame Pernelle Kathy Smith
Orgon Robert Bastian
Elmire Meryl Spinks
Damis (to be announced)
Valere Lionel Bishop
Cleante Roy Dobson
Tartuffe Alan Ablewhite
Dorine Glenda Abbott
Monsieur Loyal Brian Terry
The Officer Martin Goldstone
Flipote Chrissie O’Connor
Mariane Emma Beaney
Set Design Ray Howes
Stage Manager Laura Kelly
Properties Bill Wells
Prompt Natalie Sant

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