November production

We are planning to stage a production of “Gigi” (the play NOT the musical) at the Brentwood Theatre from 17th to 22nd.

There is a reading/audition on 28th July in Shenfield starting at 19:45. Rehearsals will start early September.

If you are interested in taking part please email for more details.

The characters and ages (which are flexible) are:

Gigi – able to play young girl of 16 who has still not quite let go of her childhood, transforming into a beautiful young women

Andree – Gigi’s mother probably around 35 – 40 could possibly be slightly older

Mme Alvarez – Gigi’s grandmother probably 55-65 dependent on Andree possibly older

Alicia De St Ephlam – Gigi’s great aunt similar in age to Mme Alvarez possibly slightly older

Gaston Lachaille – Around 35 ish

Sidonie – Maid/washerwoman around the same age as Andree , could be older

Victor – Alicia’s manservant, at least 40ish


About s_genesius

The Hutton Players is an amateur drama society based in the Brentwood/Shenfield/Hutton/Billericay area of S. Essex. We stage 2 productions a year at the Brentwood Theatre in March and November. We are always ready to welcome new members regardless of age or experience.
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